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[Monday, June 22, 2009]

LEGO Re-awakening

Ah yes, LEGOs... the object of countless hours of satisfaction, frustration, creation, destruction, and just plain awesomeness. I recently found this great blog which is devoted to the creative community surrounding LEGOs and their creations like the one on the left.

"How," you might ask, "can these people be so creative and precise?" Well, that is a wonderful question. LEGO has developed a free LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) program that is basically a virtual playground with LEGOs. You can select from hundreds (if not thousands) of pieces to snap together on your computer.

The cool thing is that when you make a model you really like, you can send it off to LEGO themselves and they will (for the applicable price) send you back the kit of LEGO pieces and even instructions to make the model!

"But Tim, I've noticed not all pieces are in the LDD program! Where is --insert random obscure LEGO piece that you really need--?" I'm glad you asked! For those more technical people out there, there is an open source version called LDraw that has a lot less rules to play by. In fact, I've heard that if a piece you want doesn't exist, you can fashion it yourself!

So far, the only problem I've ran into with this whole thing is that now I want to spend hundreds of hours and dollars on LEGOs. What a problem to have!

What kind of model should I make? After I decide on something semi-basic yet really cool, I'll post my progress as I go.


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