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[Monday, July 20, 2009]

Book Review: Crazy Love

Short story: Francis Chan is the man. This book is compelling, accessible, and has exhortation out the yin-yang.

I did myself a disservice by reading this book over a period of 2-3 months. I've been lazy this summer with regard to my reading and just didn't stay on a regimented schedule. My fault. However, every time I read part of this book, I was continually impressed with Chan's ability to pull me back into his way of looking at the Christian life.

The main purpose of the book is to establish a sort of framework for the craziness that is the love of God towards man (crazy, in the extreme amount and specific nature of that love). And the craziness of our normal response (singing, 2 hrs on Sunday morning, and feeling bad about cussing etc...) Thus, Chan works to reestablish the sheer weight of God's love for us and our amazing inadequacy in our response to that love. Then, after this, he asks the hard questions and challenges us to reflect on our lives and how they should properly convey God's love and our love for God.

Chan has impacted me with his book, if only to reaffirm some choices I've made recently. Theology is great, and a large part of my life, but if theology doesn't cause you to get out of your chair and your nose out of that book, then something is wrong. We are called... even compelled to make a difference in our surrounding world. Chan helps us to not lose sight of this. Chapter 9 is basically a number of biographies of people who have lived their lives differently, who have chosen not to be complacent with the status quo of human existence and who gave until they were unable to give anymore. This chapter really spoke to me, and I hope it speaks to you as well.

This book goes next to Mere Christianity on the list of books every person who considers themselves a Christian should read.

Please do not miss this.


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