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[Saturday, August 29, 2009]

Colorado: Part I

Some highlights from my trip to Breckenridge, Colorado...

Aug 21
  • Had to get my license plate tags renewed before I left town... always a chore.
  • Forgot my checkbook at the DMV so I had to go back.
  • Got pulled over for running a stop sign one block from my sister's house before leaving for CO.
  • Had an uneventful flight from STL to DIA.
  • Ended up with a 4-banger Kia Sportage rental.
  • Got a meatloaf sandwich for lunch at the Happy Cooker.
  • Figured out the 4-banger Kia Sportage sucks for driving in the mountains of Colorado.
  • Met up with mom and dad & checked into our condos
  • Had dinner at the Breckenridge Brewery with 2 of Erin & Steve's friends -- Shane and Jason. I had a reuben.
  • Mom and dad decided to give me the master bedroom (king-sized bed and private bathroom w/ whirlpool tub and walk-in closet) so they could move around more in the bigger common room (trundle bed and pull-out couch). I wasn't going to complain.
Aug 22
  • Went to the Blue Moose for breakfast (I had pancakes, eggs, bacon, and half a cinnamon roll)
  • Everyone went to buy groceries, and I stayed behind to get some peace and quiet and do some reading.
  • Mom and dad found Country Bob's Steak Sauce at the grocery, which is produced in Centralia, IL... not too far from our hometown.
  • Grilled steak for dinner.
  • While we were waiting for the steak, I found a lego table in the game room of our complex. I rejoiced greatly.
  • Additionally, there was a life-size chess set near the grills that dad and I tried out after dinner.
  • Played Yahtzee later on... I took names by rolling 3 yahtzees.
More to come...


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