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[Tuesday, September 22, 2009]

The Godfather of Video Venues

As we near the point where The Crossing expands from Chesterfield into their new site in Fenton, I've been having lots of questions about our future, and how it will look. One of which, being: "There are so many question marks in my head as to how this will work... is leadership aware and working on these?"

I randomly found this article where Larry Osborne is interviewed on his church's use of "video venues." If that phrase is familiar to you, then you'll understand why I was immediately intrigued and became more relaxed as I read through the article. The Crossing staff ISN'T making this up as they go along. They've done their homework. We've been using "video venues" for quite a while now. And, just the general tone of the article, and how Larry, "the Godfather," talks about his church's path and what they emphasize has a resemblance to The Crossing. I believe our staff is taking an approach as student, rather than visionary when it comes to our multi-site move. We have some great resources to learn from, and all signs point to the fact that we are.

Yes, there are still questions, some very scary ones. Yes, multi-site is a "new" trend in church strategy. No, they haven't been around for that long... its not a standardized method. But there is a ton of information and experience out there from many churches who are doing it and doing it well. I don't think The Crossing will be any exception.

May we be humble learners and open to whatever God has in store for us both in the near future and the far. May we raise up leaders who raise up leaders. May we carry the gospel to all parts of St. Louis and beyond. To the praise and glory of God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


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