Semper Reformanda

...some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't help.

[Wednesday, November 11, 2009]


The Texas Department of Justice has a list of convicted criminals who have been executed, and their last words on their website. Yes, this is unsettling and yet interesting. More unsettling because of the "random" person I clicked on.

Yes I do. To the Harris family. I have been trying to tell you for years that I am sorry. I know that I hurt your family bad. I am sorry. Wynona should not of even have happened. I am sorry. I truly am sorry for the hurt and pain I caused you. I hope you can forgive me. One day I hope you can move on and if not I understand. Tim Jackson, Bobby Dan Spade and Mr. Segal thank you for your lies. Your lies set me free. I couldn't do a life sentence. To my mom, I'm sorry. I love you. I'm not the big son that you wanted me to be. But, I love you. To my friends, Synnova, Kay I thank you for everything. I'm ready. I told you years ago that I was ready. Synnova tell everyone I got full on Chicken and Pork Chops. Rodney, take care of my mom. To the fellas on the row, stay strong. Renee, I love you baby. Fleetwood is up out of here. I'm ready Warden. (bolding mine)

I know my name is pretty common, but goodness... out of ALL the last words I could have clicked on. I'm still processing this. Maybe more later.

If you want to read some last words, click here.


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