Semper Reformanda

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[Friday, December 4, 2009]

Doorway to another world

I absolutely love the Steampunk aesthetic. It just oozes awesome to me. Now, I don't get dressed up in Victorian post-apocalyptic wear (not yet anyway), but I'd love to live in this house.

Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum started ModVic (Modern Victorian) Home Restoration in June 2007 and have now moved onto steampunk Home Design. ModVic's mission is to authentically restore historic Victorian homes (1850 – 1910) to their original beauty and richness while completely modernizing the home’s systems, functional layout and conveniences for the family of today (sound familiar?). Bruce and Melanie also love the steampunk design aesthetic of combining the best of Victorian high design and craftsmanship with modern functionality and usefulness.

Here are some pics from Bruce and Melanie's house for those that don't click links:




If you are interested in Steampunk, here is a blog that I read.


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