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[Tuesday, December 8, 2009]

Out on a limb

In school, you normally have a Fall and a Spring semester... but there are also options to take classes during Summer and what we call a J-term (January). These tend to be much more intense periods of study because of the shortened amount of time to cram the information in. Last January, I took one of these classes (Communicating the Gospel). It met Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm, and was the equivalent of an entire semester's work -- crammed into 5 days. These classes are beneficial because Covenant has maybe 1,000 students who take classes via distance learning and are encouraged to take classes on campus during these terms.

In this class is where I met Todd. Todd was getting his degree to prepare him for planting and pastoring a church in Nebraska. He just updated his blog today with this post which has gotten me thinking a bit about my own life and the direction it has taken.

Today I made it officially known at work. I’m resigning. Voluntary termination in the vernacular. Walking away from nine and a half years of electrical engineering education, two degrees in the field, and seven and half years of a career with Boeing.

And so this afternoon, there I was staring a little screen on my dual monitor, Intel Core 2 Duo workstation that said:

Your Voluntary Termination is Final as Submitted If You Click OK.


Funny how things can change completely in such a short amount of time.

Todd, I wish you and your fellow planters the best as you set out on this limb of faith. May you be fearless in proclaiming the gospel of grace to everyone -- even in Nebraska.


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